Saturday, June 04, 2011

Free Kayaking

Downtown Boathouse, 
a volunteer run non-profit, provides 
FREE public kayaking in NYC
from NOW until early October 

 FREE kayaking on Weekends + Holidays 
along the Hudson River:
Pier 40...9AM-6PM (last boat out at 5:30) 
Pier 96...9AM-6PM (last boat out at 5:30)
72nd Street...10AM-5PM (last boat out at 4:30)

No reservations necessary... To kayak you must be 18+ or accompanied by an adult, know how to swim, and sign a waiver.  From experience I will say wear a bathing suit or bring a change of clothes... Otherwise you will probably go home on the subway with a wet ass. I went to Pier 40 several times last summer and never waited more than 10 minutes for a kayak.  Bring water and sunscreen, but DON'T bring too much stuff with you... The Boathouse provides  very small lockers to put your stuff. Click here for further infoHave Fun!
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