Sunday, October 30, 2011

Forgotten Borough has Cheapest Movies!

Great news: I found the cheapest movie theater in NYC! The bad news: It's probably out of your way because it's in "the forgotten borough" 

Staten Island's UA Hylan Plaza has $5 movies EVERY SINGLE DAY before 6pm. Shows starting 6pm and later are $7.50. Compare that to the $15 movie ticket prices at most theaters in Manhattan, and we have found ourselves quite the bargain! 

This is a small theater so don't expect many options or showtimes, only the top  5 or 6 box office hits play on any given day. If you are considering making the trek all the way to Staten Island for this movie theater, be aware that it takes about 2 hrs via public transportation from Manhattan... so unless you are making an entire day out of it, this may not be a worthwhile excursion.

The theater is housed in a shopping plaza that includes a chinese buffet, a few clothing stores, a dollar store and other discount stores, tanning/nail salon, etc... There are some pretty good Italian restaurants in the area and Great Kills Park is also nearby. UA Hylan Plaza 5 is located @ 107 Mill Road, Staten Island, NY - (800) 326-3264 ext. 635. Getting there: s78 bus from the ferry/ s79 from bayridge/ staten island railroad from the ferry

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