Thursday, October 27, 2011

Free Ice Skating in NYC

I hate being cold, so naturally fall and winter aren't my favorite seasons of the year. 
I'm convinced that cultivating even the slightest appreciation for the colder months has to do with partaking in cold weather activities (and layering up of course). Enjoying yourself outdoors by not simply going into hibernation makes the temperature drop so much more bearable. 
Last winter, I took up ice-skating after not going near a rink for over a decade. Secretly, I'm looking forward to the cold weather, if only for that reason. The Pond @ Bryant Park, my go-to spot for ice-skating, will open this Friday, October 28th... très exciting! The rink is open every single day and admission is FREE until February 26, 2012-  perfect for Bon Vivant + a Budget readers living in NYC (or those simply dropping in for a visit). 

Skate rentals at Bryant Park are pricey at $14, but if you bring your own pair you don't have to spend a dime! That's my kind of bargain! Last year I  purchased my own ice skates for about $60... you can find cheaper options if you DON'T buy them in the Times Square (look in K-mart, Modells, Champs Sporting Goods). If you plan to make ice skating a regular occurrence, it makes monetary sense (no pun intended) to own skates -- rent four times and you've spent $14 x4 = $56... rent 5 times and you've spent $70.  I'd also recommend you bring your own combination lock since they are sold for $9 there. Have fun! If you see me on the rink, don't knock me over, but do say hi!

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