Saturday, October 01, 2011

Diwali {Free Cultural Festival}

I've been posting about fashion a lot lately, maybe even too much for some Bon Vivant + a Budget Readers. I know there is more to life! Among other things, art, culture and food are a some of my personal favorites. Any event that manages to capture all of these and I can dress up sounds perfect! This weekend, the South Street Seaport's Devali Festival fits the bill and it's FREE

Diwali (also spelled Devali) is the Hindu traditional festival of lights.
 It is a national holiday in India that is celebrated annually each October. 
During Dewali, people light small lamps or candles to signify their own inner light and the triumph of good over evil. Clothing worn during Diwali is new and vibrantly colored to reflect the joy and excitement of this time of year. 

I attended my first Diwali celebration my junior year in college. It was interesting and fun, but small-scale. The upcoming fest at the South Street Seaport has been running for 23 years and is reported to be massive. If you are in NYC this Sunday October 2 from 12-8pm, you really should check out this FREE event. Expect many performances, fireworks, raffles, live music, vendors, a fashion show, traditional dress and make sure to try the exotic sweet candies.

Getting to NYC's South Street Seaport is easy. By Subway, Take 2,3,4,5,J,or Z to Fulton Street. A and C to Broadway- Nassau. Walk East on Fulton Street to Water street. By Bus, take M15 (south Ferry bound) down 2nd Ave. to Fulton Street. 

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