Thursday, October 13, 2011

No Excuses! {Free Gym Guest-passes}

I ran track for nearly a decade and a half before I finally hung up my racing spikes. Fitness is deeply ingrained in me until this day, but every once in a while I find myself making excuses to not workout: "I had a long day. I will do it tomorrow. I have no energy. I don't feel like leaving the house" Excuses, excuses! Sound familiar?! Sometimes we just need to silence the part of ourselves that stops us from reaching our goals (whether in fitness or anything)and as Nike says "just do it." Even if you don't have a gym membership, you can take a walk, go running or hiking in the park, play basketball or frisbee. You can go dancing with friends or watch an exercise dvd. There are countless ways to incorporate more physical activity into your lifestyle; it just takes a little effort. 
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To help you begin, I've compiled some useful FREE Guest-pass links for a few gyms: 
Reebok Sports Club 
 Crunch Gym  
Dolphin Fitness 
 Bally's Total Fitness 
 24 Hour Fitness  
Gold's Gym

NYC Parks & Recreation Centers are open to the public for FREE use on the first Monday of every month. The next date is November 7, 2011. Locations are throughout the 5 boroughs. If you are interested in actually joining, a membership is super cheap: $100/year for access to all locations without an indoor pool. $150 for access to all locations including those w/pool access. Free for kids under 18, $25/yr for ppl over 62

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