Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Good Sweater is Hard to Find: 6 Sweater Shopping Rules You Need to Know Before You Go Shopping

There is an old adage that says a good man is hard to find, but I reckon finding a good sweater is equally as difficult! For the past few months, I've been on a mission to find a few quality sweaters. I scoured store after store in attempt to find decent sweaters that didn't cost an arm and a leg. Often I came up empty, but the process itself was fruitful. It led me to create a sweater purchase checklist (found below) that I can now share with Bon Vivant  and a Budget readers like yourself!

Don't be a label whore
Be a label nerd instead and read the labels for fabric content. Avoid acrylic sweaters. Although they are often on sale for super cheap, they are no real bargain. Acrylics don't keep you warm, lose their shape easily, and the material pills and will look shabby (not chic) in no time. Natural fabrics like wool, alpaca and mohair are worth the investment since they keep you warm and last for years. Cotton isn't as warm, but it is a good quality, durable fabric that you can machine wash

Cop a feel
If the material is scratchy or rough-feeling, it will feel that same way against your skin when you wear it.

Be a plain Jane
Sweaters that lack embellishment are the most versatile and easiest to care for. Dry cleaning can be an expensive pain in your arse. You can always add scarves and statement necklaces to dress your sweaters up.

Head to the fitting room and try that sweater on. Too many times I've been lazy and didn't try clothes on before I bought them only to get home and find the sleeves are too short, my stomach is fully exposed and once a neckline I couldn't even get over my head.

Be alert
Are there any stray threads hanging around? loose buttons, damaged zippers? small holes? If so, put the sweater down and walk away. The damage will just get worse with wear.

Know your body
Consider which necklines are flattering for your shape:  The v-neck and scoopneck are both universally flattering; cowl-necks are great for women with large busts. Crewnecks are best for tall women with long necks, as are turtlenecks. Boatnecks look best on those with narrow shoulders.

Do you have any sweater buying tips? Leave your comments below.

xX Helene


  1. A good sweater is hard to find indeed ;) I'm tall and I've got a long neck. I like to think boatnecks are my favourtie, actually :)
    I also loved your ' don't be a label whore, be a label nerd instead' comment! probably because I am exactly that!

  2. hahaaa thanks Alisa! I'm tall myself (6'2") so yay for another tall blog reader!

  3. This was really well written! Loved the bit about being a label nerd. So true... I'm such a snob when it comes to sweater fabric!

  4. hahaha great post! I am a total label nerd :P I'm so picky when it comes to fabrics, that sometimes I find it really hard to go shopping because I'm disgusted by all the polyester. Ah well. Great tips!


  5. these are such great tips! i never thought much and keep hoarding sweaters but end up not wanting to wear any of them. this is why! i'll keep these in mind (especially the last paragraph) for shopping this fall :)

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