Monday, February 27, 2012

Style Lessons from a Senior Citizen

78 year old fashion plate Lynn Dell is known for being as glamorous as she is vibrant. Over the course of nearly 8 decades, she has developed quite an advanced style. (Seriously, how chic is she?!) This video clip of Lynn illustrates how anyone can dress for what she calls "the theater of life," even on a budget.

4 Style Lessons We Can Learn from Lynn:
  1. "My philosophy is fashion says me too, style says only me." In other words, develop your own signature style. Whether it's quirky glasses, blazers or high-waisted pants... It doesn't matter if it's a trend. If you love it, wear it often. 
  2. "Money has nothing at all to do with style." This is so true; it really doesn't. Style has everything to do with fit, color and proportionality. Find what works for your skin color, your body shape and size. 
  3. "You can almost wear the same thing everyday if you have scarves, you have hats and you have jewelry. Accessories are the most important thing." In college my best friend Marie bought this amazing little black dress that was extremely versatile. She wore it casually with a denim jacket and flip flops... made it work appropriate with a blazer and heels and even wore it on a date with a clutch, sparkly earrings and stilettos. It was (and still is) all about the accessories. 
  4. "It wasn't what I was wearing, it was how I put it together." I once wore a dress I bought for $1 to a gala. That night I received countless compliments on my no-name dress amidst a room full of five thousand dollar gowns. I realized that it wasn't just the dress was so amazing, but the unique flair that I gave it with my choice of shoes, makeup and accessories. 

Did you have a stylish mother, aunt or grandmother growing up? Who are your style icons today? Leave your comments below.

xX Helene


  1. Now, there is a woman who ages gracefully! I love that she's so candid in her manner of speaking, and I love the bits of advice you pulled from the video, this is a great piece!!

  2. Thanks! I agree she definitely does... I hope I'm like her when I'm old


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