Saturday, February 04, 2012

Dindi Design Photo-Shoot Workshop

I recently had the opportunity to attend Dindi Design's Flashing Lights Photo Shoot Workshop. Because my education is in anthropology and public health, I didn't have any prior knowledge of all the planning that goes into creating a photo-shoot, but I was ready to learn! I was joined by stylists, emerging designers and curious fashionable people who, like me, sought to learn tools of the trade without breaking the bank (Classes are very affordable).  

The workshop was led by Dindi Design founder and fashion industry veteran Gingie McLeod. With degrees from Parsons and FIT, experience teaching fashion on a collegiate level, and years of industry experience, Gingie was the perfect person to school us on what it takes to produce a great photo-shoot. 

In a span of 90 minutes, Gingie walked us through a presentation, allowed us to witness a casting for her clothing line, and guided us in making inspiring vision boards. At the end of the night, I went home with confidence in my ability to produce a photo-shoot. I now understand how to translate my vision of a clothing or accessory collection into photos and have an insider's knowledge of the fashion industry resources and tools to get me there. 

Check-out Dindi Design's Website for a calendar of upcoming classes in NYC.

xX Helene

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  1. Oh, this was exactly what I needed to read, I was just browsing through events and wondering whether or not I should attend one of these workshops :) Now, I'm more likely to go, since I'm actually looking to set up my first photo shoot soon!


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