Thursday, February 23, 2012

Essie Nail Polish for $1.50 a Bottle

There are certain nail polish brands that have earned a reputation for being top quality- you don't need to apply a million coats to get a smooth finish (or the intended color) and they resist chipping for more than a few days. Essie is one of those brands. A nail polish favorite of bloggers, manicurists and celebrities alike, Essie is great if you have ample money to spare. But at $8 a bottle, it's a tad expensive for gals on a budget when there are bills to be paid. So when I popped into Lot-Less, a discount store in downtown Manhattan, I was pleasantly surprised to find a shelf full of Essie nail polish deeply discounted. A two pack of the mini bottles cost me only $2.99... that's $1.50 a bottle. With vibrant spring-like colors such as "meet me at sunset" and "smooth sailing", this deal that will fly off the shelves in no time. Consider that your cue to hurry! Don't forget, salon manicures can add up to a lot of moolah, so DIY whenever possible!

What are your favorite discount stores? Leave your comments below. 

xX Helene


  1. Definately Marshalls & TJ Maxx... Tuesday Morning is a bit harder to dig through sometimes, but you can find some amazing deals. I found a dark green knit dress and jacket with leather panels and piping by Adrienne Vittadini (originally $320 for the set) and paid $80. WooHoo new internship outfit! It was perfect for going to court in, even the judge complimented me.

  2. Oooh leather panels and dark green. I'm imagining it in my head. I bet it looks so chic!

    Thanks for sharing, Kathleen!

  3. I can't find Essie anywhere here, and they have the best pastel colors.

    You have a really cool blog here. Do you want to follow each other, I would love that.

  4. Hi Tereza--
    Thanks! I already follow your blog!

  5. I am always looking for a good sale, I love shopping at Annie Sez, Target, and Kohl's. All 3 usually have large 'clearance' sections, and after a little digging, I always find at least one good thing. When I started my new job, I bought a pair of pants from Kohl's for $7, and recently, my mom bought my sister a COAT for $9!

    As for nail polish, a few weeks ago at CVS I got (2) 3-packs of Sally Hansen for $10! I wrote about it on the blog, I think they were leftovers from holiday gift solutions, it was great!

  6. I never really do Annie Sez... I think b/c they don't have a location close to me. Target is so good for me, yet so bad at the same time. I could go in there looking to buy a stick of gum and leave with a shopping cart full of stuff! Kohls can have some real bargains, but I actually prefer J.C.Penney and I believe they are the same company just like Marshalls and TJ Maxx are

    That nail polish sounds like quite the bargain. I recently was in Walgreens in Union Square and they were selling Sally Hansen nail polish for $10 a bottle... I was shocked.

  7. what's the address of Lot Less? I wanna get some essies :D

  8. what's the address for Lot Less? i wanna get some essies :D

    1. Jessica, you can find the store locations here. I think the best ones are times square and fulton street


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