Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Free Fashion Tour of NYC

As a native New Yorker who typically hates to appear even the slightest bit touristy, I usually avoid sightseeing at all costs. However, because of my deep fascination with all things fashion related, I recently took a FREE walking tour of NYC's garment district. The weather wasn't ideal- It was a below freezing blustery day in NYC, but about a dozen and a half fashion lovers bundled up and braved the cold for a 2 hour dose of fashion history. 

On weekdays, the tour provides an insider's glimpse into the area's inner workings. It includes visits to showrooms and factories, a famous fabric store, and workspace locations of famous designers such as Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, and Ralph Lauren. However, because I went on a weekend instead of a weekday, these aspects of the tour were not possible (business operate only Monday- Friday). So my fellow tour-goers and I got a historical tour. We saw the fashion walk of fame, buildings that were critical in the early development of the fashion district, meaningful artwork and historic streets

Tours are 100% FREE thanks to the Fashion BID (Business Improvement District). For a schedule of upcoming tours, click here

My advice:
  1. RSVP in advance, here.
  2. This is a great tour for tourists and Native New Yorkers alike. 
  3. Go on a weekday if you are looking for the modern side of the tour. 
  4. Go on a weekend if you are interested in the tour's historical aspects. 
  5. Take the tour in the spring when it is nice to walk around or wear tons of layers when it is cold. 
  6. Bring a camera; you never know what you will see and who you will run into.

xX Helene

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