Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Sh!t Girls Say about Money

I know the "sh!t ____(s) say" YouTube videos have been done to death lately, but this one from Learnvest resonated with me. I'm definitely guilty of saying at least a couple of these things (and maybe you are too). Take a gander...

Let me know your thoughts. Do you say these things? Are you offended that the actors are all men? 

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xX Helene


  1. ha ha so accurate. especially when he was asking if they would accept the staples reward card as credit. i laughed out loud bc i discovered just two weeks ago my banana republic card is good in the gap...smh

  2. hahaaa it is good in old navy and athleta too... sometimes when I'm not paying attention I try to pay for stuff with my metrocard


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