Monday, February 20, 2012

Trendspotting: Sneakers

For the past decade, women everywhere (myself included) held a very public love affair with shoes of every kind: pumps, stilettos, platforms, boots, oxfords, wedges and more. 

Our comfortable, rubber soled sneakers were tucked away in closets. We wouldn't dare be seen with them in public except for trips to the gym. Sneakers were the nice guys... patiently waiting, hoping women would one day stop going for the bad boys (heels) and wake up to someone who would treat them right. Well, their time has come!

After countless seasons of blisters, broken heels and achy feet, we are finally ready to give sneakers (the nice guys) a go. For Spring 2012, the sneaker has surfaced as one of the most popular trends.

Big time players in fashion such as Isabelle Morant, Jason Wu and the Olsen twins have recently dipped into the sneaker market and their creations are flying off the shelves. Street style and the blogosphere are further driving the trend. The mainstream is ready to kick off its heels and stop torturing its feet. 

Never has it been more en vogue to wear sneakers. And great news for Bon Vivant + a Budget readers: the trend is accessible at any price point! It doesn't matter whether your budget is ten dollars or a thousand- there are cute kicks to be found at every price. Some of my favorite places to look for sneakers without spending much dough are Target (some call it Tarjaaay), Payless and Urban Outfitters.

Will you be wearing sneakers this spring? If so, what will you pair them with? Leave your comments below. 

xX Helene


  1. Yes, I was just sneaker stalking not too long ago, I love them! I bought a pair of Aldo Netz in taupe, and they are so comfortable and cute! Ebay has a lot of Marant look-a-like options, too, so I might spring the thirty-ish to have a black pair :)

  2. Great advice, Ely. Ebay didn't even cross my mind... I'm gonna check it out!


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