Thursday, June 14, 2012

DIY painted desk... Finished product

Yesterday I decided to paint my desk. Here's what the desk looked like before I started painting. It wasn't cover your eyes ugly, but it definitely didn't do anything for my design sensibilities.

Like most other NYers, I live in an apartment without a backyard, so I had to paint indoors. This meant I needed to pick a paint that wouldn't cause me to suffocate. I chose a VOC free primer and paint in one from Benjamin Moore's Natura line. The funny thing is that I actually picked out a paint color called "twilight zone" thinking it was indeed black. The lighting in the store must have been off because when I got home and popped open the can of paint, it looked completely different- more like a navy blue. I decided to just go for it anyway...

So I removed the hardware, sanded, wiped down, and painted this puppy. Then I let it sit overnight to dry. Today I woke up to a desk that I heart. (I reattached the hardware and put the drawers back in 1st). The desk looks black in the photos, but in person it is actually a rich navy blue that I couldn't be happier about. It reminds me of classic Americana style- something straight out of a Ralph Lauren editorial shoot. Anyway, here's what it looks like now. The photos simply don't do it justice. 

What do you think? Do you have any DIY projects that you are hoping to try? Leave your comments below.

xX Helene


  1. love the desk makeover

  2. I'm digging the contrast between the desk and hardware, it looks amazing! I'd say a worthwhile effort, Helene, great job.

  3. hahaaa thank you! Now to figure out how to give that room a cohesive look

    1. Maybe post up a 360 degree set of pics, so we can have a look and throw suggestions out there?

  4. I love it! & I love the idea of a navy blue desk... it really is very Ralph Lauren.


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