Saturday, September 29, 2012

How to Get a Personal Stylist for Free

I know, I know... You have a hot date... a big interview. An important meeting to attend.

Figuring out what looks good on your unique body type can be challenging enough. Then add your skin and hair coloring, lifestyle and seasonal trends into the mix and suddenly you find yourself at a complete loss for what to buy and what to leave on the shelves. So you desperately bring home whatever fits. As a result, you end up knee deep in a closet brimming with clothes, yet too often have nothing to wear for the occasion... sound familiar?!

Shopping and getting dressed can be hair-pulling experiences. And that's exactly why savvy people don't do it alone... they employ personal stylists.

Stylists Can:
  • save you time
  • show you which body parts to highlight and which to de-emphasize
  • help you achieve a signature look (polished, trendy, elegant, etc.) 
  • pick out colors that look great with your skin and hair color
  • help you develop a more complete wardrobe 
  • teach you how to accessorize basic pieces 

However, with stylists charging rates of $50/hr and up, they aren't always accessible to the average person. Fortunately for us, a few major stores now offer FREE appointments with their in-house personal stylists. Expect stylists to consult with you beforehand via phone or email, pull clothes for you to try on when you come into the stores, invite you to special shopping events, give you first dibs on new arrivals, alert you of sales and more.

Stores that offer FREE personal styling services:

Have you ever used a fashion stylist? What are your most common wardrobe woes? Are there any stores that I forgot? Leave your comments below. Also, checkout this fashion advice post from the Bon Vivant and a Budget archives. 

P.S. don't forget to make an appointment!

xX Helene


  1. Modcloth is online but has the Modstylist staff to help w/ styling as well!
    I was almost one....but then i decided to move to NYC to pursue a dream, go to J-school, continue the struggle, etc. lol


  2. That's really interesting... glad you decided to pursue your dreams! Thanks for sharing, Sierra!


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