Thursday, September 27, 2012

Review: Payless Claire Scrunch Flat

It's not very often a shoe comes along that is comfortable enough for your elderly grandmother, stylish enough for your fashion blogger best friend, yet affordable enough for your student-loan paying bank account. But it has happened. And gasp... it's from an unlikely place... Payless.

The shoe is called the Claire Scrunch flat.

I originally bought a pair last year after a stylish, designer shoe company executive whispered her secret to me at an event. Stigma aside, I had pretty much given up on Payless Shoes before that point because their construction usually left me with blistered, unhappy feet.

But when a best-dressed fashion industry insider gives a pair of Payless shoes the nod, do you really have any choice but to check them out?! 

So I picked up a pair. I  wore them a full day and I was pleasantly surprised. They are fashionable, comfortable and sleek (this is keys for us size 11+ gals). So I bought another and another and another... Today I own 4 pairs of these shoes.

Why else do the Claire Scrunch Flat make me happy? They...
  • cost only $24.99, but have a much more lux look. They evoke Chanel,  resemble these Jimmy Choos that cost $425 at Net-a-Porter and these for $148 from J.Crew
  • garner loads of compliments.  I wore them to a fashion show and got compliments from people clad head-to-toe in designer labels
  • are sleek and don't make my feet look huge
  • come in a wide range of sizes 5-13  (excellent for petite and tall girls alike who usually have a hard time finding shoes that fit)
  • are comfortable without looking like an orthopedic shoe
  • are quite versatile and can be worn with everything from a suit to jeans and anything in between 

Have you purchased any great shoes lately? What are your thoughts on Payless Shoes? 

xX Helene


  1. Hi Helene,
    I'm still on the hunt - have been for about a year now! - for pumps with a little bit of a heel. The flat-to-the-ground ones don't do it for me. I want just a tiny bit of a black heel to take me off the ground. I'm short you see! So, whilst these pumps look good for taller girls I'm still looking!

  2. hahaha gotcha! I'll ask around, maybe one of my shorter friends can review something for the blog. Thanks for stopping by! :)


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