Monday, October 01, 2012

Spotted // Essie Nailpolish for only $3

Today I spotted shelves full of Essie Nailpolish for only $2.99 at Lot-Less on Chambers Street in downtown Manhattan (NYC). Essie brand nailpolish usually retails for $8 a bottle, so this discount is more than 60%... yay for saving moolah! If you're interested, hurry up and get them because they will probably go fast.

What's your favorite nail-polish brand? What colors are you lusting for this fall? Doing anything cool with your nails lately? Leave your comments below. 

p.s. checkout this post from the Bon Vivant and a Budget archives about why you should do your manicures and other cool stuff at home.

xX Helene


  1. just as a counter point as I think it is funny: I just read about a nail polish for 250.000 Dollars from Azature - how crazy is that?
    They also offer a low price version for 25 Dollars, but the 3 dollars for Essie are of course a much better deal ;-)

  2. hahaaaa wow that is insane... so many ways people can waste their money... thanks for sharing!


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