Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wanderlust: Cheap Airline Tickets

Today I was organizing my desk and couldn't help but peek at my passport. As I turned the pages of that pocket-sized book I lingered, knowing that each page bore more than just ink. Those stamps were linkages to places that changed my perspective, shook up my world view, and left a place in my heart.

A moonlight hike in Israel's dessert. A horseback ride on a beach in Mexico. Getting lost in a snow covered Switzerland. Dancing the night away in Korea. Exploring museums and art in Italy. Charming my way into a fashion show in Puerto Rico.

I'm seriously coming down with a heavy case of wanderlust just thinking about these and many other fond travel memories. And now I'll be dreaming (and day dreaming) of all the places I want to go in the future.

Friends and family often joke that I have a jet-setting lifestyle. The reality is that I've been able to travel as much as I have only because I am willing to make certain concessions in other areas of my life. Travel is important to me so: I don't have cable tv. I don't have a luxury apartment. I don't have a car. I get my hair cut for free as a hair model. I go to a simple gym. I sell my old clothes. I track my spending and budget... and I buy just about everything on sale.... including plane tickets.

So when I saw the infographic above on Angie's List, I knew I had to share it with my readers. If you want more travel tips checkout my post from the Bon Vivant and a Budget archives, 20 Money Saving Travel Tips.

p.s. On my shortlist of places I need to go are Nigeria, France, Brazil, Kenya and Japan.

What's on your shortlist of places to go? What's your favorite place you have ever traveled to? Do you have any travel tips? Leave your comments below.

xX Helene

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  1. I just booked our cheap flights to manila. Finally, we can visit Philippines and spend our vacation there.


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