Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Tiny Closet Styling Technique

Last month while surfing the web I stumbled upon The Tiny Closet blog. Instantly, I was captivated by the strikingly fashionable, yet minimalist aesthetic that Natalie Live, the petite ingenue behind The Tiny Closet, was able to create with such a small wardrobe. So naturally, I reached out to compliment her fabulous style and asked if she would do a collaboration of sorts with Bon Vivant and a Budget. It turns out Natalie was just as excited as I was... and bursting with great ideas too! Twenty-something emails later, we decided that Natalie would virtually style me using what she calls The Tiny Closet Styling Technique.

Here's what Natalie had to say:

So, I created 7 schemes around your hair, statement items and The Tiny Closet Styling Technique. Let's get started! First, I shopped around and picked out 18 items from Asos, Blue Planet, and American Apparel:  

5 pairs of shoes 
3 blazers
3 tops

...and 6 statement items:

floral pants
casual playsuit
dressy playsuit
maxi skirt
casual body con skirt
dressy asymmetric skirt

Then I began mixing and matching, coming up with various "schemes" centered around each statement piece. I call it The Tiny Closet Styling Technique because it's exactly what I do and how I'm able to get so many outfits out of such a small wardrobe.  

So you've got more than 40 outfits out of just 18 items!  I made sure everything I picked out was in stock and in your size and the best part:  everything is under $100.  Actually a lot of them are under $50. 

Helene: I adore Natalie's choices and actually have a lot of similar pieces in my wardrobe already, so her styling hits the nail on the head!

Now the schemes:

I actually took a look through your Pinterest boards and you're all over the place!  Very modern, hip, eclectic with a side of minimalist interest.  I like... your interests gave me a lot to pick from.  So you will see some color, some patterns, pattern mixing and then a lot black and white additions.

Part of the reason why most of the items are from Asos is because the models have similar measurements to you!  From pictures, I guess you're between 5'10" and 6'?? The models on Asos are that range as well and they all fit a size 4.  

Helene: It's amazing you can tell how tall I am just from pictures... I'm actually 6'2" 

And here's the retail list in case you want to buy any of these great pieces... 

What do you think of the pieces? Leave your comments below.

xX Helene


  1. Wow I love this! I'm trying to cut back my wardrobe so this is definitely helpful :)

  2. Love the bodycon dress and the maxi skirt the most! Helene, this was awesome, thanks for sharing a wonderful (new to me) blog!


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