Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hello There

Ahemmmm. Hello my lovelies:

I've been missing from the blogosphere since April. I guess that warrants some explanation, huh?! Well, I can assure you that I wasn't sitting idly on the couch in pajamas for the past six months [at least not the whole time hahahaa]. A lot has ensued: I graduated from a master's degree program, started a new job, watched two of my best friends marry the loves of their lives, was cast and taped Flea Market Flip for HGTV, started teaching a boot-camp class, moved into a new apartment and neighborhood, learned that my best friend and her husband are expecting a baby girl... And now I'm tussling with the idea of a phd program. I'm still busy, but everything is starting to feel normal again. Change oh change... I'd actually like to pick some more of you off the floor.

The point is... I've embraced these changes and I'm ready for blogging again... I hope you didn't forget about me!

xX Helene 

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