What is a bon vivant? A bon vivant is a French word for a person who has great taste.

When was Bon Vivant and a Budget started? Bon Vivant and a Budget was established in June of 2011 by Helene Abiola. 

What is Bon Vivant and a Budget?  Bon Vivant and a Budget is a fashion and lifestyle blog detailing tips, tricks and tools to live large for less.

How can I contact you? email: helene@bonvivantandabudget.com
Whether you are a fellow blogger or just a reader who has something interesting to share, feel free to shoot me an email. I love to hear from readers. I am open to guest contributors on the site and am also willing to write guest posts for other blogs. Send me any ideas! If you represent a company, please note that Bon Vivant and a Budget is only interested in advertisements and sponsorships that are aligned with what the blog's affordability theme, so please take some time to read the blog before sending a pitch.

Who are the readers? 
While many Bon Vivant and a Budget readers are based in NYC, we have a global readership of women ages 18-35. Readers hail from countries such as Ukraine, China, England, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Russia, Australia, Israel, France, Korea, Japan and the entire United States of course! 

Bon Vivant and a Budget is an active member of Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB), BlogHer Visionaries, the NYC Fashion Bloggers Group and The Social Media Society.

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